Top 7 Reasons why should you Build PC Yourself 2018

If you want to have a gaming PC but because of the budget limitation, you are thinking to sell your bike or kidney, then don’t worry  I have a perfect solution for you. You can Build PC yourself. 

Best Reasons to Build PC Yourself

Today let’s talk about why should you consider build PC yourself. Why should you not buy the prebuilt or assembled one? So, let’s start with our list now. I have some decent reasons why you should build PC yourself.

1. Price

The first thing everyone gets excited about and understands in a single message is Money. If you ever have bought any PC from anywhere, then I would say just list out the components and their brands which has been used on your PC. Now, go and find the individual price of the components. You will surely be surprised seeing the price difference.

build PC

If you go and buy the components as per your convenience and that too a decent one and then build PC yourself. It will cost lesser than whatever you have thought.

2. What do You want

Second thing, you need to decide is What do you want? Once you decided this, then you need to decide how would your gaming PC be. If you want to build PC yourself, then your target would be Resolution and Frame rate. It’s completely your choice what type of gaming you would do.

build PC

Then, you can set the budget for your gaming PC else you can select the resolution and frame rate according to the budget. If your budget is so tight but still you want to have a gaming PC in the budget of a decent smartphone. Then, You would probably select a resolution of 1280*720 and frame rate of 30-60 FPS in low or medium settings.

3. What will you need in Future

Yes, it seems silly but this one is also a key factor why you should build PC yourself. You might not have money as of now, it’s fine. But it’s not mandatory that you won’t have money in the future too. So, in future you have got money to get better components then you can easily upgrade your PC whenever you want.

build PC

If you had no graphics card initially or had a lower resolution graphic card then you can easily add a better one and skyrocket your gaming performance. This is possible if you build PC yourself.

4. PC Building is a Hobby

Yeah, it’s a hobby, not a homework. Just like Gaming on a PC is a hobby and you like playing. Similarly, PC building can also be a hobby.

build PC

Talking about specifications, whats good and what’s not, what would set and what won’t. If you meet any tech savvy then you can talk for hours about the components and many other things.

5. Connect With PC Building Community

Even strangers would easily connect with you if you talk about PC building. If you go to any forum or website and ask about a topic related to build PC,  people will just come running to help you to say build your own pc and even help you with everything you need.`

build PC

People will help you with their interest as they have knowledge but you don’t. Next, you will start helping others as you got help.

6. No Experience Needed

There are very few tasks to do which you don’t need any experience. And, to build PC is one of them. If you haven’t done anything like this, then it’s for sure you will be worried. Its normal to get scared about whether I would ruin anything or not.

But there is nothing to worry. If you are not a monkey and belong to a human category and have five fingers. You can work evenly. I don’t have a perfect description of it. If you remember inserting DVD in DVD player without any knowledge. Its similar to that.

On the entire Motherboard, every slot is designed in a specific way that even if you haven’t seen anything before or no one ever tells you, that a PC is being built. Even if you haven’t seen a graphics card or RAM in entire life. Still, you can fit RAM, graphics card on the motherboard just matching their sizes. Yeah, it’s that simple. You just need to match the size of the slot and insert it.

7. The feeling of Achievement

build PC

Once you assemble or build PC yourself. The time when you will boot it for the first time, the feeling which you will have glory, pride and of awesomeness. It will just fill your heart with happiness. You will be proud that you have to build a machine with your own life and it’s operating pretty well.

Plus, last but not the least the day when Skynet will attack Earth and is about to kill everyone. The machine will have a soft corner for you as you have given life to a machine.

So, comment me down below how did you feel about the article. If you feel I missed something out then do let me know. I will surely add it to my list.

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